​We offer many different styles of dance for all ages and levels. There is something here for everyone!

Commercial Jazz/Funk

Our signature style, a fusion of all things street jazz with a funky twist. We love to keep up with modern trends in the commercial dance industry.

Hip Hop

Incorporates hip hop elements such as popping, locking, tutting and floorwork with our fast paced and fresh street choreography.

Musical Theatre

For the triple threats! A class that combines song and dance, with a theatrical flair.

Boys Hip Hop Crew

A class for the lads only! Fresh and current urban choreography designed for our UFD fellas, ages 12+

Urban Contemporary

Contemporary is an expressive dance form with a free, artistic and creative feel, and our fusion combined with urban gives it an edge!

Principles of contemporary dance include centering, alignment, gravity, contraction, release and suspension.

Acro Dance

Acro combines classical dance technique with acrobatic elements, giving dancers the opportunity to work on flexibility, strength and skills to add to their dance repertoire.

Adults Jazz Funk​​​​

A fun fitness class for adults of all levels. This class offers a combination of styles to keep each week fresh and new, with all dancers welcome to participate in the annual showcase and concerts